We care for your car much as if it is part of our family, when that member is looking odd and for which you would waste precious water resource, no we would not like to and so we are here to provide the best solution with less water consumption and with eco friendly formula.

Why don’t you choose the option when a choice is available.

Let's Bring Back The Shine


Tired of Washing your car again and again? Unhappy from the fact that even after a wash, your cars look dull and old. Why waste money on a Carwash when you can get the best shine and also contribute to saving water. Shine n Shine is here to work as its magic . This premium solution contains formula which removes tough dirt, road grime and other contaminants. It’s a concentrated car wash liquid designed to wash and a coat of wax for the surface of your car in one go. Product designed which is Car friendly and Eco friendly. Provides a wax coating & safe to use on all paint types.


All that glitters is not gold, but we can assure you, that your car window will look crystal clear. GLITTERS is a concentrated glass shiner that will give a clean look to your Mirrors and Windscreens. On using this concentrate. So, you no longer need to worry about watermarks or water stains on your car window and enjoy long drive in the rain. GLITTERS is preferred by many automobile brands and workshop owners over other shiners. It is the best product out there for cleaning and brightening glass surface.


Is the glass in your car foggy and makes it difficult for you to see clearly? Are there water stains on your glass which don’t disappear despite washing it several times. No worries, we have just the solution you are looking for. Use CRYSTAL and remove watermarks on your glass without buffing or any other tedious method. The premium solution to provide premium results, which provide premium happiness


A car’s logo is its brand identity, and the rims represent healthy wheels. When those look grubby and you keep rubbing those to remove the dirt with zero results. Hence our SPARKLE is here to bring out the simple solution to clear them without hurting your fingers.

−d + s ÷ t < w × h
Subtract the dirt...
add the shine...
divide the time to clean...
use less percent of water...
multiply the happiness with savings
We may not be good at mathematics however we are giving you best formulation to keep your baby so called car, clean and clear with great output