Who We Are & What We Do

About Us

Supaku car care is all about enhancing the visual appeal of a car. Our services make your car beautiful, hygienic and protected both on outside & inside, from bonnet to boot. The hallmark of our services is eco-friendliness as great amount of water is saved on every usage.

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Give car owners contsatnt pride of ownership through meticulous service and by ushering in the world's latest car valeting/detailing solutions.

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To become pioneers in car care industry by providing eco-friendly, world-class car valeting solutions at your doorstep.

Our Services

What We Do



The car is handled by a team of professionals.


The Wash

Car wash that brings back shine to your car.



Removal of watermark on glass without buffing or removing microlayers of glass.



Liquid polish specially designed for Hand Buffing with a microfiber buffing cloth.



Removal of watermark from all the internal door jam areas.


Product Strategy

Alloy walls restoration from watermarks.

Why Supaku Car care Products?

  • We are looking to conserve water in the most eco-friendly process which is adapted and accepted all over the world.
  • A big chunk of budget is allocated by the individual for purchasing water which can considerably save such costs and resources by adapting our car wash product.
  • Using our state of the art standardized process of car maintenance techniques, vehicle retains its factory finish for a very long period of time.
  • For every 100 cars more than a Lakh litres of precious water is saved on a monthly basis. Imagine the level of water conservation that is possible even if 20% of car owners adapt this unique cleaning system in the city. This type of world class cleaning system for cars being available at affordable prices and also a option of getting at the doorstep of customers brings in revolution in the car care Industry.
  • Using our products you would experience more re-sale value for the cars when treated by Supaku products on regular basis.
  • Today most of individual houses, apartments, commercial complex in the city is facing acute shortage of water.
  • Our company believes that a lot of employment on both full time and part time can be given to the present youth who are ready to work but not getting a way to earn decent bread. We at Supaku are closely working with NGO's and similar Organizations to create awareness among needy students to give them the much needed support for their studies. Students get this opportunity in our Apartment Division by working 4 hours in early morning. We provide Value Added Service at your esteem property with the help of our registered dealers. Our services are not only Eco Friendly but also Pocket Friendly.